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  1. Hi, I stumbled upon this after finding out from a search for Megazeux’s music that you (unless I have the wrong person.. uhhh) are trans! I’m also trans and grew up dissociating into ZZT and Megazeux to get through a bad childhood (I’m 33 now). I then used music the same way and it’s what I care about most nowadays. But I wanted to say thank you. I’m glad all of that was there for me. I hope you’re doing well. I don’t know if you still have this connected to anything. But that’s okay. Just wanted to say thank you if I could, I guess.

  2. I spent a good chunk of my childhood building (without publishing any) games in zzt and later MegaZeux, and it’s a big part of how I got into a career doing computer programming. You are also the first trans woman I’d ever heard of as a very sheltered, very Mormon, preteen egg. At the time it was just a rumor from Monthigos to Apoc to me about something you had said on IRC. It stuck with me for a long time, and when I came across some Wikipedia article crediting Alexis Janson for Megazeux, it filled me with so much joy to know you are finally yourself.

    Anyway, thank you for making MegaZeux and for being a role model.

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