Magic: Remastered Color Pie: White

Magic: Remastered is at it’s heart about capturing the purest essence of Magic. There are many different parts of Magic to capture- for example, my article series on planeswalkers covers some of the most complex cards in Magic, responsible for representing legendary characters, world building, and thematic build-arounds for decks all at the same time. This article series will instead analyze the other end of the spectrum- the literal essence of Magic, the recurring mechanical concepts that represent the core of the Magic color pie. Continue reading

Magic: Remastered: Dual Lands

While analyzing every gold planeswalker for Magic: Remastered, I’ve also been thinking about how I want to approach mana fixing in the cube, and more specifically, what mana-fixing lands I want. I have a tentative plan coming into this article, but it wouldn’t be a Magic: Remastered article without walking through all of the possibilities in excruciating detail to see if I’ve missed anything.

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Magic: Remastered Card Analysis: White-Black Planeswalkers

For my Magic: Remastered cube, I’m aiming to have around ten planeswalkers while balancing color representation. In this article series, I am analyzing all multicolor planeswalkers to see which ones are most appropriate, before settling on a color configuration.

This article covers the white-black planeswalkers, as the first of five articles analyzing the enemy-pair planeswalkers. Continue reading