The Struggle Will Continue

Jump right in. That’s the advice I need to give myself more often.

Our world has primed us for the quick fix – the addictive injection of “I did it” juice. And yet the world is also full of stupid distractions that provide just enough of that juice to make us think we’re accomplishing something.

But I’m not accomplishing something. I’m just shuffling around emails, checking off boxes, having vapid conversations, producing nothing but hot air. At the end of the day, look back at what was done, and try to justify how any of those things actually moved my life forward. They didn’t.

I don’t know why I’m writing this- but I do know that on the way to writing it, I hit several distractions, and barely dodged several others. None of those distractions ultimately have any meaning. Not sure if this post has any meaning- but at least it’s going to have an existence beyond the fleeting moment, a permanent artifact of my attempt to accomplish anything at all today.

Purely as a flow-of-thought exercise, it’s already been useful. Rapid-fire decision making, brain working at it’s peak performance, pushing for flow, no rest for the wicked. There’s no excuse for failing to use every moment to better the world- at least my world- other than simple human frailty. But oh, what an excuse that is.

The struggle is real. It never ends- the anxiety, the stress, the addictions, the distractions, the depression, all of it right in front of your face, constantly reminding you of the easy way out. Why not succumb- why can’t I just coast, take the easy road, let life pass me by in a decadent whirlwind of relaxing mediocrity and convenience? What is the reward for fighting the tide and pushing back against the madness?

Mastery. Define it however you like it- but the biggest jolt of energy, the top of the reward pyramid, is the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment upon realizing that something amazing has been produced. Nothing is ever truly perfect, ever truly done, but to reach a pinnacle, a personal best, produce something meaningful that has no previous equal, that is how we measure our success. That is the ever-elusive reward that drives us forward.

Luxury be damned, I can coast when I’m dead. The struggle will continue.